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George McCarthy has been a professional wildlife photographer for over twenty-five years. During this time his work has taken him far and wide in the quest for new and exciting pictures and that often included leading tours in this country and abroad under the banner of Nature Photography Pro Tours, his own company. He has never felt the need to advertise in magazines relying on his website and, just as important, word of mouth. Many of these tours have been taken at various locations in North America with Florida being one of his favourites. His last visit there was in 2015 and that was his twenty-sixth tour to that location! He is currently working on an E-Book for photographers and bird watchers wishing to visit Florida and the Gulf Coast in which he reveals all the top locations from Tampa all the way down and into the Florida Keys.

Marbled Godwit

Marbled Godwit Landing

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

Golden-fronted Woodpecker





Gt Blue Heron

Florida Locations Guide

Limpkin in the rain

Limpkin in the Rain



Not surprisingly, his photographs are sold around the world via several picture libraries. Corbis, his main international picture agency, once sold two of his images to the same client for a staggering twenty thousand US dollars! There are not many pro photographers in the UK shooting solely wildlife who can match that. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and, as testament to the quality of his work and his wildlife knowledge was appointed as a judge on the prestigious RPS Nature Panel for Associateship and Fellowship applications. A position he held for many years until finally standing down in March 2014.


Osprey carrying nest material

In 2005 he and his wife Angie made an incredible decision. They sold their house in Sussex, put all their furniture and belongings into storage and went off to the USA where they bought a Winnebago and a Honda 4WD to tow behind. Then at a daunting 52 feet long set off on an amazing 12 month, 30,000 miles road trip around North America that was serialised in Practical Photography magazine. They crossed from the Atlantic coast over to the Pacific and from the Gulf coast all the way up into Canada final driving the 1500 mile long Alaska Highway! Under the title "The USA Road Trip" this is now a superb keynote lecture available to Corporations, Camera Clubs, RSPB and Natural History Societies around the country. Further info can be found by clicking on the "Lectures" tab at the top of this page.

Oxbow Bend, Wyoming USA

Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Despite all the exotic locations (and some not quite so exotic) George still retains a passion for photographing British wildlife and the countryside. That’s his speciality and over the years he has accumulated an intimate understanding of his subjects and couples that with superb field craft to come up with his pictures. All of this knowledge he now shares in a diverse and unique series of workshops throughout the year. Consequently he is now regarded as a number one choice in the UK for 1-1 and 2-1 wildlife workshops where he is happy to pass on these skills.

Autumn in Sussex England UK

The Approach of Autumn, Sussex England UK

We started the update to this website in the Autumn of 2016 so we felt it appropriate to include some seasonal pictures that were taken on workshops I run at this time of the year. The image above was taken during an Autumn Colours workshop in Sussex last year and has subsequently proved to be a big seller. Where was it taken? I never reveal locations except to the participants actually on the course because they just become swamped by other photographers.


Red Stag Browsing on Willow


Fallow Buck Flehming


Scarlet Caterpillar Club
Cordiceps militaris

Wrinkled_Crust_Phlebia radiata

Wrinkled Crust
Phlebia radiata


Pearly Webcap
Cortinarius alboviolaceus

The deer and fungi images were taken this year, in fact two of the fungi pics were actually taken this week. Hopefully all three demonstrate my passion for fungi and to take pictorial pictures of them. If you click on the menu button to right there you can see my last newsletters relating to the fungi and deer workshops. The one I asked if anyone could identify was correctly named by Richard Alder as being Pseudocraterellus undulatus, the Sinuous Chanterelle.

If you think George’s workshops might appeal to you then you need to sign up to his newsletter to receive advance notice before they are openly publicised on the website and become sold out. There is still time to go out for fungi so if you would like to have a 1-1 or a 2-1 workshop please let me know as soon as possible while this mild weather prevails

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