The following picture was taken by George on an assignment for Bronica Cameras many years ago.  The picture of the Owl & the Moon went on to become one of his most productive images and is still selling around the world today.  However when the initial proofs were submitted to the manufacturers in Japan they, in their infinite wisdom, decided that it could not be used for advertising because the theme of the full page advertisements was based on a header that basically promised the reader.

"Buy a Bronica Camera and you can take a picture like this one"

The Japanese actually loved the image and said so but decided that the average person would not be able to take an image to match it because it was technically too clever.  You have to remember that this was taken on transparency film and long before the introduction of digital cameras and the use of computer software to manipulate images.  Today it is a piece of cake to add a moon to an image or anything else for that matter!  How was it done?  Well you will have to join George on one of his workshops and ask him yourself.


Tawny Owl & the Moon

George McCarthy has been taking wildlife images as a professional photographer for over twenty-five years. Not surprisingly his work has taken him far and wide in the quest for new and exciting pictures. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and, as testament to the quality of his work and his experience, he sat on the nature judging panel for Associateship and Fellowship applications for many years until standing down in March 2014.

Barn Owl hunting the banks of the river Adur in Sussex

He is also an experienced tour and workshop leader and under the banner of his own company, Nature Photography Pro Tours, he has run many photography tours both in this country and abroad including twenty-six to the USA State of Florida alone!  In 2005 he and his wife Angie spent an amazing year travelling over 30,000 miles around North America in a Winnebago enjoying the country and just taking pictures of the wildlife and the fabulous scenery they encountered.

Under the title "The USA Road Trip" this is now a superb lecture available to Camera Clubs, RSPB Groups and Natural History Societies around the country.  Further details can be found by clicking on the "Lectures" tab at the top of this page.



Wild Alaskan Black Bear "Chilling Out"


Not surprisingly, his photographs are sold around the world. Corbis, his main international picture agency, once sold two of his images to the same client for a staggering twenty thousand US dollars! There are not many pro photographers in the UK shooting solely wildlife who can match that if any?

Despite all the exotic locations (and some not quite so exotic) George’s real passion is for photographing British wildlife and the countryside.  That’s his speciality and over the years he has accumulated an intimate understanding of his subjects and couples that with superb field craft to come up with his pictures.


Today he spends much of his time passing on his knowledge and skills in a diverse and unique series of workshops that are quickly becoming the number 1 choice for fast track wildlife workshops in the UK.

Why not consider joining him to improve your techniques or perhaps to add some of the rarer more difficult British subjects to your portfolio.


European Common Bittern


Stately Red Stag during the rut

Aseroe rubra - Is this Britains rarest fungus?

If you are into fungi photography you could have no better tutor than George who has published two books on this subject.  First editions of his original book entitled "The Wild Mushroom" now fetch 4-5 times the cover price in the USA!  See what you can buy one for by clicking on the " books" tab. 

Why not have your own personal one-to-one course that will be designed to fast track your specific needs?  A one to one workshops cost just £150 for 5 hours of professional tuition representing fantastic value for money.  If you have another person wanting to do the same workshop, i.e. a 2-1 the cost is £250.

First we suggest you take a look at the current list of upcoming subjects by clicking on the "Workshops"  tab at the top of this page.  To see further illustrated details of any of the courses simply click on the workshop title.  



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